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Version: 0.1.0

Property Token Overview

What is Property token?

Property tokens are ERC20 tokens you can issue at Dev Pprotocol. With property tokens, you can:

  • Prove the ownership of your project.
  • Earn your creator rewards.
  • Divide your creator rewards with your team members.
  • All of these functions are automatically done on blockchain.

How to issue your Property tokens?

Property tokens can be easily issued without any knowledge of blockchain. Please use Niwa, a social token launcher built on Dev Protocol.

Go to Niwa section and learn more:

Behind tokenization process with Khaos

Dev Protocol has unique built-in oracle “Khaos” that securely connects to all web platforms such as GitHub, YouTube, Spotify and STEAM.

  • First, issue your creator token on a Dapp
  • Generate a hash to conceal an API access token for web platforms
  • “Proof of ownership” and activities outside the blockchain.

To provide completely unique “proof of ownership”, your assets will never be illicitly copied by anyone.