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Dev Protocol is an open source decentralized middleware that authenticates creators' activities and realizes their sustainability. With Dev Protocol, anyone can start to monetise your works without changing licenses, codes, and support. Dev protocol allows you to issue powerful social tokens designed for creators to build your own economy and grow it through community. As a completely decentralized, on-chain-governed middleware protocol, anyone can develop a variety of Dapps and participate in the ecosystem.

What is an ecosystem for OSS?

Socially useful assets can be monetised while keeping Decentralization there. It is a new economy designed to allow open assets to be economically valuable, as opposed to the current world where closed assets are paid for. Dev Protocol will be expanded in the future to cover not only OSS, but also research papers and all intellectual assets.

What Benefits does Dev Protocol Offer?

Dev Protocol provides benefits to maximize the creativity of creators.

  1. Monetise open assets while remaining open. *No donation or licence change required.
  2. Sustainable incentive model between creators and supporters
  3. Share ownership and build community DAO
  4. Focus and keep developing your creative work

What is the beginning of Dev Protocol?

The inspiration for Dev Protocol came not from OSS, but from the Japanese traditional sector. In 2014, Founder found that traditional artisans, dealing with Japanese national treasures artifacts/architecture were economically undervalued, make only tenth of the revenue of an online game company, which led to us starting the challenge of Dev Protocol. In the existing economy, highly social activities are not paid for its true value. We believe in a world where creators' creativity is maximized.