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Creator Token Overview

What is Creator token?‚Äč

Creators can issue their own creator tokens by tokenizing their creations.

Once you have issued your creator token, you will be able to access the following features:

  • Manage OSS ownership and build your community DAO
  • Sustainable funding and splitting creators‚Äô rewards to its holders

How to issue your creator tokens?‚Äč

Creator tokens can be easily issued without any knowledge of blockchain. The three steps are as follows:

  • Put the ownership information of your assets in an Dapp such as Stakes.social

You can find all the details about onboard guide on stakes.social section.

  • Share Creator tokens with your team

10 million creator tokens (fixed supply) will be issued. Of these, 5% will be sent to the Treasury which will be used for whole ecosystem, and the other 95% can be freely allocated by owners.

  • Collect staking

Both creators and supporters get rewards when your creation is getting supported. This is the first scheme that can raise funds on a sustainable basis rather than a limited number of times, unlike traditional donations or crowdfunding.

Behind tokenization process with Khaos‚Äč

Dev Protocol has unique built-in oracle "Khaos" that securely connects to all web platforms such as GitHub, YouTube, Spotify and STEAM.

  • First, issue your creator token on a Dapp such as Stakes.social
  • Generate a hash to conceal an API access token for web platforms
  • Proof of ownership" and activities outside the blockchain.

To provide completely unique "proof of ownership", your assets will never be illicitly copied by anyone.