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Version: 0.1.0



What is Niwa? 🌈

Niwa is the second official Dapp built on the Dev Protocol. It was released in February 2022 with the concept of wanting it to be a place where the community could gather. It is specially made to be used by creators by letting them mint and manage social tokens. You can try a new type of organization instead of a conventional business corporation in order to realize creative projects.

Main Features

  1. Issuance and management of social tokens
  2. Project authentication (asset tokenization) ※1
  3. Staking to social tokens
  4. Issuance and management of supporter proof NFT (sToken) ※2

※1: As of February 2022, GitHub repository and YouTube channel tokenization are supported. More platforms will be supported. ※2: A supporter proof NFT (sToken) will be issued automatically when the token is staked.

How will you use it?

Niwa is beginner friendly, we provide content for you to learn. You can check how it works and get started for tokenization.

🔗 Visit the app