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Version: 0.1.0

Tokenize YouTube channel

The content creator can now tokenize their youtube channel and receive support from their subscribers to continue their effort creating videos and making more impact on it using social tokens.

Steps to tokenize your YouTube channel

Note: You can practice these steps on your own by using testnet. Get free matic in order to pay the gas fee.

  1. Connect your wallet

  2. Choose your wallet (MetaMask or Wallet Connect)

  3. After connecting your wallet. Click Tokens >

  4. Select YouTube and Sign in with google Sign in with Google

  5. Select your email and connect your brand Choose YouTube channel

  6. Check the View your YouTube account and continue Authorize and Continue

  7. Allow your channel Authorize channel

  8. Fill the up the YouTube form and click preview Fill up the form

  9. Sign and Submit Sign and Submit Sign and Submit

  10. Confirm transaction You are required to pay the gas fee to successfuly onboard in only less than 1 MATIC Sign and Submit

Wait for few minutes for Tokenization Success

  1. View your YouTube channel by clicking View Your Token View Token

  2. Properties