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What is

logo is the first official Dapp built on the Dev Protocol, released in June 2020. is a new sponsor platform where both developers and sponsors are rewarded with tokens if they support their favorite projects by staking DEV tokens.

Key Features

  1. Tokenize Open source software assets
  2. Get sponsors and raise funds from your community
  3. Both developers and sponsors get DEV tokens through staking.

What is Staking?

It is a framework where people contribute to the network by locking (temporarily making inaccessible) their crypto assets. In terms of Dev, when people stake “DEV token” (ERC20) for to support creator’s works, they are rewarded with dev tokens for doing so.

Who is using

Over 1,600 OSS projects issue tokens (utility token with ERC-20 form), and many developers, including both individuals and firms, succeed in achieving sustainability through fundraising. There is an increasing number of unique creators joining, so you can support different creators such as OSS developers, VR artists, NFT markets, green projects, and Vtubers. You can see all the creators here.


What is Dev Protocol?(

Originally created with ❤ in Japan