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Version: 0.1.0

Onboard Guide

What’s is a platform where you can register your OSS to Dev Protocol and stake registered OSS projects. Unlike other donation services, Dev Protocol is designed for the benefit of both supporters as well as developers by staking. Thanks to this system, developers find it easy to ask people for aid, which results in continuous support.

A guide to onboard

In this guideline, you’ll get an idea on the process of registering your OSS to Dev Protocol. We also mention points where you should be careful or might be puzzled to make it clear.

Before you start

In order for you to register (or tokenize) your OSS to Dev Protocol, you need to go through a registration procedure for You’ll need a wallet to register, so you must have one beforehand.

What’s wallet?

A wallet is used for managing your crypto assets. You need to have a wallet to store the DEV tokens issued by Ethereum and Dev Protocol. Since Dev Protocol doesn’t provide you with a wallet function, you have to get one by yourself.

If you’re looking for a wallet, we’d recommend you to have MetaMask. MetaMask corresponds to Chrome Extension version, so if you want to use via your PC, MetaMask would be one of you options.

Connection between your wallet and

Click “Sign in” button located at right end of the header to connect your wallet (MetaMask, in this case) and


Gas fee

Please check the following website for the details of gas fee : You need a gas fee to register at The required gas fee will fluctuate depending on the congestion of the network you choose to onboard.

How to register your OSS

In this section, we’ll briefly explain registration steps for your OSS to be registered. In order to register your OSS at, start from the main menu, as stated below.


In STEP03, you’ll input necessary information into each item to apply. The following table shows sections to fill in.

Your nameInput your name.
Your emailInput your email.
Project nameInput your project name.
DescriptionInput the description of your project.
Your roleInput your role in the project. i.e. owner / maintainer / developer …etc
Github repoInput URL for the repository of your project.
Discord nameInput your Discord account information.
Additional infoIf you have any additional comments, please share them with us.

After you’ve completed to input necessary information into each item, click “Submit” button and your wallet is activated. Then, you’ll be asked for your signature. Shortly after you press “Signature” button, your application will be completed. When your application is done, you can see the following image on your screen.



We kindly ask you to wait for about a week for screening process. We’ll let you know the result via email, so please change the filtering setup for your mail box to receive an email from

OSS registration after screening

If you successfully pass the screening, access the URL written in the approval email.


You’ll need a gas fee for your registration. It fluctuates depending on the congestion condition, however, it would be around 0.0436ETH. Before you’re moving on to the next step, you should prepare ETH in your wallet.

In this step for tokenization, we’ll issue your token. This is called Property Token. Your reward is allocated in accordance with the ownership ratio of Property Token.

For example, if you have a co-developer for your OSS project, you can distribute your reward by splitting this token.

Creator wallet addressThis is the address for your wallet. This item will be automatically input if you’re connected to If it says Fetching wallet, connect your wallet.
Project nameInput the project name written in the approval email.
Token nameThis is the name of your token. Input the name using half-width English numbers and letters. i.e. Ethereum token is Ether.
Token symbolThis is an identifier for your token. i.e. Ethereum’s token is ETH. You can use 3-5 English numbers and letters to choose.
Personal Access TokenPersonal Access Token (PAT) is an access token used for obtaining the information in Github. Create your Personal Access Token (PAT) that doesn’t have any of the scopes.

After you’ve completed the input and click “Tokenize” button, your registration is done, and then you’ll see a confirmation page for it. However, before completion, you’ll need a gas fee to register. ETH needed for the fee is displayed on your screen, so please check your wallet and make sure that enough amount of ETH is there.


In the confirmation screen, the following information is displayed.

Project NameProject Name that you entered.
Token NameToken Name that you entered.
Token SymbolToken Symbol that you entered.
SupplyNumbers of token (Property Token) that you’ll issue.
Dev Protocol Treasury FeeWe receive 5% of your issuing token as a treasury fee for Dev Protocol. For more details, check the following website: What is treasury

After you’ve confirmed and clicked Tokenize button, tokenization process is activated.

It takes about an hour to finish the process. You can either continue to connect to or disconnect from If you disconnect, you can still check your status at the following website.

When the tokenization process is done, the registration of your OSS to Dev Protocol is completed. After a while, your OSS will be listed at List Page on Stakes,social, and Dev Protocol’s official Twitter will make an announcement on it.


Receiving more support

In order for you to get more support for your OSS, it is important to let people know your page. We’d recommend you to tweet, place a link at a donation page or write a blog post.

In Dev Protocol team and community, we’re talking with each other about the way to make an announcement of onboarding at If you have any insights or ideas, please share them at Dev Protocol Forum.