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The Wordpress of DAO builders

Clubs are a no-code DAO tool that anyone can start for free. Joining Clubs is as easy as starting a blog. With just a few clicks you can start issuing tokens, funding with DeFi, and offering incentives that have been near impossible for non technical creators in the past .

With the identity verification function, which can only be issued by the project owner, to the revenue management function through staking , individual creators can start funding and providing incentives through their DAO from day one, without having to assume the risk of a token sale.

The biggest thing Clubs provide creators are various tools such as issuing social tokens, minting NFTs (can be used as subscription based NFTs), and most importantly the Perks system, which rewards support. There are in depth explanations of each feature below.


Clubs allows simple DAO and Web3 access be incorporated into a variety of communities to help them grow. With Clubs, enthusiasts of particular creators, communities involving local activity, or clubs for sharing hobbies can all be serviced by our suite of features.


  • Governance

One of the hardest parts about running a community is giving your supporters a way to interact with the project in a way to affect meaningful change. Clubs give the creators the ability to add a governance layer on top of their club to allow voting, suggestions,etc. This governance feature greatly increases interaction and understanding of what the patrons desire from the creator and vice versa. We expect the governance feature to be extremely important in the future for building out Clubs and DAOs with Dev Protocol.

  • Perks

For creators, Clubs will give you the ability to connect with your community, offer them rewards for their patronage, which could range from anything to unique NFTs, behind the scenes videos or monthly goodies sent directly to their front door. Incentivize new patrons to join your community and get involved in your project by rewarding them for their continued support.

Want to only reward the most dedicated supporters with certain perks? As a creator you will have the ability to only reward patrons who stake a certain amount of support. This feature will give you complete control for exactly how you want to run your perks and fundraising.

  • Auctions

In addition to the perks system available in clubs, we are giving creators the option to conduct private auctions between their supporters. Auctions help projects raise funds while offering unique NFTs and other collectibles to their staunchest of supporters. For the stakers and supporters, this is a way to show everyone their dedication to the project. Auctions direct to the community have always been a difficult challenge for many creators and we hope our Auction system can offer a solution that benefits both parties.

  • Quests

Quests are a unique feature for Clubs that allow creators to offer bounties for specific tasks they might need done. For example, a project may want to expand their audience and require translation of blog posts, which could be offered as a quest. Any member of the community could rise to the challenge and complete the Quest, provided they have the expertise. The reward from completing a Quest could range from an NFT commemorating your work to a personalized thank you video from the creator. The possibilities are endless and left completely up to the creator.

In collaboration with Polygon Studios

Clubs is developed through an official collaboration with Polygon Studios, the fastest and most efficient way to build your DAO for your community and supporters with just a few clicks, taking full advantage of Polygon.

The Clubs Case Study

Clubs is currently in the process of developing a product version, with preliminary offerings to partners. Clubs partner, Temples DAO, which supports the cultural and technical heritage of 17,000 temples nationwide, offers ETH support and member benefits. We are planning to support credit card payments, Temple DAO Card NFTs, which will support temple restoration, and launch contributor Quests in the near future.