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Plugin Options


The ClubsPluginOptions type is a TypeScript type that represents an array of plugin options for a club configuration. It is defined as a readonly array of ClubsPluginOption objects.

Following are the typings for ClubsPluginOptions type.

ClubsPluginOption = Readonly<{
readonly key: string
readonly value?: ClubsPluginOptionValue

ClubsPluginOptions = readonly ClubsPluginOption[]

Each ClubsPluginOption object contains

keystringidentifies the option
valueClubsPluginOptionValuecomplex data types that can be used as option values


ClubsGeneralUnit =
| string
| number
| boolean
| Date
| bigint
| Uint8Array
| readonly ClubsGeneralUnit[]
| {
readonly [key: string]: ClubsGeneralUnit

ClubsPluginOptionValue = ClubsGeneralUnit

The ClubsPluginOptionValue type is an alias for a union type of various primitive and complex data types that can be used as option values, such as string, number, boolean, Date, bigint, Uint8Array, and readonly arrays of ClubsGeneralUnit elements.