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Building Decentralized applications with DEV Integration

The following guide and hands-on will help you to integrate DEV to your web application. In this hands-on, you don't need to worry about the gas fee in Ropsten Network. First is, we will follow the guide below before going to hands-on.

MetaMask Installation Guide

This hands-on uses Metamask. If you do not have metamask in your browser add-on, please install metamask from the following URL for Chrome:

If you are using another browser, search for Metamask from the store and then add it. If you can't find Metamask, try using Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Creating a wallet address for the Ropsten environment

After installing Metamask, specify the Ropsten environment and create a wallet.

Get ETH from faucet

Since gas fee is required for hands-on, please use the following site to obtain about 1 ETH. Please request 1 ETH from

Get DEV token of Ropsten

  1. Create a wallet the wallet in a Ropsten environment
  2. Add the address of the DEV token to your wallet / 0x5312f4968901ec9d4fc43d2b0e437041614b14a2
  3. Tell the team the amount of DEV you want on discord server
  4. Dev Protocol staff will send you a DEV in the Ropsten environment

Note: Ropsten environment is using a different address, this will use for the test environment. Follow the step at the top

Getting Started

This hands-on uses a playground called CodeSandbox. Playground is an online web development environment, and it is a web service that allows you to code without preparing a development environment on your computer.

Now, let's get into the first hands-on.